Throughout the game you earn experience points, which can be used to unlock Skills. In the main hub, the Dilapidated Temple, is where you can invest in skills. There are both active abilities and passive effects available.

There is a skill tree in which players can choose which skill or ability they want, made of three main sections: Shinobi, Prosthetic, and Samurai. With enough experience earned, you can unlock every skill in the tree.

Skill Tree


Enhance things like critical strikes, stealth, and other things related to assassins.

Active: Wall Jumping
Passive: Reduced Aggro Range in Stealth



Active: Combo attacks for Prosthetics
- Flame Vent sets your sword on fire
- Shuriken arm follows up with a katana slash
Passive: Increased number of shurikens thrown
Passive: Reduced spirit emblems needed to activate an attack


Focused on general combat.

Active: Special attacks by holding R1/L1, like Cross-Slash
Passive: Heaing gourd replenishes more health

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