Old Hunters
Name Image Description Locations
Beastclaw Jozef Jozef He is wearing charred attire and wields the beast claw. Ailing Loran, Lower Loran
Defector Antal Antal He wields the Church Pick with Flamesprayer while wearing the Yahar'gul Set. Hypogean Gaol, Yahar'gul
Father Gascoigne Gascoigne He wields the Hunter Axe and Hunter Pistol while wearing his signature attire set. Central Yharnam
Henriett Henriett She wields Kirkhammer with the Repeating Pistol while wearing the Hunter attire with cape. Cathedral Ward, Hunter's Nightmare
Henryk Henryk He wields a Saw Cleaver and Hunter Pistol and wears Henryk's Hunter Set. Byrgenwerth, Forbidden Woods
Madman Wallar Wallar He wields the Amygdalan Arm with Ludwig's Rifle while wearing the Madman attire. Cursed Pthumerian Defilement, Great Pthumeru Ihyll, Isz Gravestone, Lower Pthumeru
Mensis Scholar Damian Damian He wields the Threaded Cane and Loch Shield, and wears the Student Attire and Mensis Cage. Byrgenwerth, Upper Cathedral Ward
Queen Killer Queen He is naked save for a Gold Ardeo, wielding the Logarius wheel and the Cannon. Cursed Pthumerian Defilement
Tomb Prospector Gremia Gremia She wields the Ludwig holy sword and Torch/Rosmarinus while wearing the tomb prospector attire. Isz Gravestone
Tomb Prospector Olek Olek Fully garbed in tomb prospector gear, he also wields a Kirkhammer and a torch. Pthumeru, Lower Pthumeru, Great Pthumeru Ihyll
Valtr Valtr He wears the Constable Set and wields a Whirligig Saw. Hunter's Nightmare
Vitus Vitus He is using a hunter pistol with the beast club. Ailing Loran, Lower Loran
Younger Madaras Twin Madaras He wields the Hunter's Axe and Hunter's Blunderbuss. Byrgenwerth, Forbidden Woods
Vileblood Hunter Alfred Alfred Kirkhammer and Ludwig's Rifle, Executioner Set Central Yharnam, Old Yharnam
Yamamura Yamamura Chikage and Piercing Rifle, Yamamura Set Hypogean Gaol, Research Hall, Yahar'gul
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