Joining the Site

To add or edit pages, first you'll need to join the site. Just click this button:


Contact the admin by private message here:

Adding Content

All content pages should use the template. To use it, simply put data: in front of the page name.

For new pages to be linked from the category pages (Characters, Locations, etc), you must do two things:

  1. Set the Parent page to the one you want it to be listed on
  2. Add an appropriate Tag (e.g., NPC, boss, location, other, etc)

Each page has two standard sections: Lore and Theories.
There are also two optional sections that are hidden by default: Dialogue and Sources.

Note: even if a page may not have content in the optional sections, it is OK to leave the default text there when creating a new page.

To display the optional sections, you must do two things on each page:

  1. Click Tags (next to Edit).
    • Add _dialogue (including the underscore)
    • Add _sources
    • Note: You must have a space between each tag.
  2. Edit the page content.
    • Add "====" (without quotes) after the Theories, followed by the content for the next section
    • Add another "====" after that if including both sections
    • For just Sources and no Dialogue, you must add two "===="s

To hide the Theories section on pages where it does not apply:

  • Add the Tag: _notheories
  • Remember to add a space between each tag.
  • Note: if you still want to display Dialogue and/or Sources, you must add an extra "===="


When adding sources, please only add the relevant bits, for example:

Soul of the Moonlight Butterfly
Soul of the mystical Moonlight Butterfly, which flitters in the Darkroot Garden.
Special beings have special souls.
The butterfly's soul is a creation of Seath the Scaleless.
Use to acquire a huge amount of souls, or to create a unique weapon.

In this example, the strikethrough text is irrelevant to the Moonlight Butterfly's *lore*.

Organizing Pages

Category pages, such as Characters or Locations, use the ListPages module to display links to all the relevant pages. This is possible because all data: pages have a Tag, which informs the site how to categorize them. Note also that the lists only include direct children of the page, so be sure to set a Parent for each new page.

To link pages to those surrounding them (allowing PREV and NEXT links to automatically be generated at the bottom of the page):

  1. Click Options, then Parent
    • Set the parent page to the one you want the current page listed on.
  2. Click Tags (next to Edit).
    • Add the tag relevant to the page (without quotes)
      • Do not remove any existing tags like those above
    • Click "Save Tags" or press enter/return on the keyboard

Existing tags you can use:

Any other word (without spaces) can be added as a tag, but we recommend using existing ones if possible.
Note: pages are automatically sorted by their Title, not the name of the page (as in the URL).

Generic Wiki Help

Quick reference

This is a quick reference of the wiki syntax you can use in pages. Click on any item to see a more detailed explanation.

+ Level 1 Heading
++ Level 2 Heading
* Bullet items
# Numbered items
> Blockquoted text
//italic text//
**bold text**
= Line is centered
[[<]] Lines are aligned left [[/<]]
[[>]] Lines are aligned right [[/>]]
[[=]] Lines are centered [[/=]]
[[==]] Lines are right-justified [[/==]]
[[size smaller]]smaller text[[/size]]
[[size larger]]larger text[[/size]]
[[code]] lines of source code [[/code]]
[ Text link]
[/category:page Link to page]
[[[name-of-page | Link to page ]]]
---- Horizontal line
[[image :first | attachment | url ]]
[[image size="medium | small | thumbnail" ]]
[[image link="name-of-page OR url" ]]
[[f<image alt="Float left" ]]
|| Simple table || ~heading || cell ||
[[file attachment | link text]]

Useful links

If you need more help, there are several resources that you are able to use. Your biggest resource is the group of expert Wikidot users that can be found on the forums.

Wikidot Community

Visit the Wikidot Community
Ask for help on the Forum
Read the Community How-To's

Editing pages

Learn how to use the Wikidot editor
Read the Documentation
Read more about Wikidot Syntax
List of modules that you can use
Keyboard shortcuts

Editing the theme

Customise the theme
CSS Layout Reference

Additional support

And if you need even more help, you can always upgrade to a Pro account, and visit the Pro ;-) wiki!

You can upgrade by clicking on my account and selecting the Upgrades option in the menu.

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