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In DaS3 they appear in the Spears of the Church fight. Other parts of the game suggest that the Church mentioned there is not even for any of the original Four Lords, but an older power - possibly a reference back to Demon's Souls.

JerrielJerriel 31 Jul 2017 14:23
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Shiva's Bodyguard

Very interesting character to be this strong and easily kill. Confuse ? Well if any of you travel entirely blightown you will find many PC death in there. But right is about shiva bodyguard… He is found death at the highest plataform at the edge of a staircase, I take four ways he end up there. One, he was kill by the flesh eating monster that got the staff , two he was poison by the dart midgets there , three smash by the big guys that hold club the one found at the entry of blightown before going down the stairs. And last and for me the most sense making, kill by shiva. Ok for a body guard he would have been impossible to get ambush by e flesh eating monsters, they are to loud and scream soon as they see you, two toxic dart would not do anything he is a assassin ninja meaning he got antidote for all that and would have cure himself fast along by killing the little people. Three could not be killed by the fatso due to they are heavy and would have been easy for the ninja to take them on easy. Plus he was invisible only one that can see him would have been the flesh eating monsters due to they would know by scent, the insect of course . And by shiva in which by turning his back to the person he was protcting would have made him easy target. Why blightown ? Well after the event where the player meet shiva for the second time the player possesses the chaos blade and shiva want it just like the blacksmith ask you to have the Amber you found. You say know and he take it. So feeling the ninja saw that as wrong he confronted shiva about this action which have him kill also could have been he desiable him to where the blight town monsters got the drop on him . Got hit by a dart, he try cure himself and shiva took the antidote , then the fatso came up and smash him dropping down the floor trying to get away only to find the eating flesh monsters and die there while shiva escape to the top floor through the depth into dark roots down to sen fortress , since the iron golem been kill previously to the players visit he made it there and into the world of ariamis.

by JerrielJerriel, 31 Jul 2017 14:23

I would like to mention so far I have not seen any reference about it. If any one take a close look in anor londo at the top floor , where you fight executioner and the slayer. Well you find his entire set, why is there. My theory is after killing the firekeeper he travels to the city of gods in search for the archive . Along the way with two other friends, those friends are to help him fight their way through. One is a muscle, the other a sorcerer. When the player enter anor londo and make his way up to the boss fight the eye turn. Get into the fight with all three ghost. After vanish them you enter the fog door and fight the two bosses. Notice the slayer is at the second floor coming from right the same location the knight of carim is found. My take is the slayer fight the knight that was trying for the princess of sunlight and got stop by the slayer and killed him. While the executioner end up killing his other two friends and eating them. In another way he got a double . Though I share this as I said I have seen not anyone mention this before.

by JerrielJerriel, 31 Jul 2017 14:01

Thanks! I'll add it.

Re: An intriguing theory by Souls LoreSouls Lore, 23 Jul 2017 22:50

I found a video by General Sam regarding a theory involving Knight King Rendal and thought someone might wanna check it out and add it to the theories page. The video itself is quite interesting and theorizes his travels to Lodran along with how he might still be alive as a member of the Darkmoon Covenant. It also gives a unique view on the idea of OnS being an illusion.

The video is called "Dark Souls : Knight King Rendal".

An intriguing theory by ZezzknoZezzkno, 22 Jul 2017 06:47

When the Ashen One chooses to end the age of fire at the Kiln of thr First Flame, the cutscene will quickly fade, while firekeeper says: "Ahsen One, hearest thou my voice, still?"

This implies that the Ashen One has gone hollow, after his duty has been fulfilled. Like Anri of Astora, after she, with the help of the Ashen One, defeats Aldrich.

There are several dialogues in support of this theory:

Ludleth of Courland (after Anri's questline has been completed):

"Ahh, well met. Thou'rt at last returned.
Knowest thou the name, Anri of Astora?
The brave girl/lad left this, as thanks.
Though gave no elucidation…

Now, heed this little warning, from this little lord.
Seek not the girl.
She knoweth her fate. What will become of her upon her duty's end.
She would not wish thee follow her."

Ringfinger Leonhard (upon being attacked in the shrine):

"What's wrong with you?

Can you even hear me? If you can, cease this at once.
Before it's too late.

I see, I see, as clear as day.
You are a vile, starved beast.
Much too dangerous for her!"

There is also a secret ending where Ashen One attacks Firekeeper and takes the flame for himself. This implies that the Ashen One has become not only a hollow, but also a vile and starved beast, that seek powerful souls by mindlessly killing others.

But then; like Firekeeper said, "one day, tiny flames will dance across the darkness[,] [l]ike embers, linked by lords past." Like Ludleth of Courland, to link the flame, to "paint a new vision."

Thank you for bringing it up. The theory shall be updated accordingly.

Nice article, but could you mention me a source that names Hippocrates as a proponent of bloodletting?

I don't think Hippocrates ever advocated that, and I can find no source claiming he ever did.

I rather believe Galen should be credited with the idea.

Hippocrates and Bloodletting by RakuyoRakuyo, 20 Jun 2017 21:18

Dreg Heap takes it further. I've came to the conclusion it's humanity of the dead seeking human form again i.e. maggots forming human shapes, murky corpses rising from ashes (of corpses). Human Dregs are a good pointer towards this.

The Deep could also refer to some kind of underworld (called "meikai" in Japanese), or like Immaterium of Warhammer 40K Universe. Originally uncorrupted thus peaceful and sacred/pure, over time it became corrupted. It is different from Abyss, which is formed of humanity.

Another theory of "the Deep" by Leeho730Leeho730, 19 May 2017 12:21

You're welcome!

I do believe Rom tests positive for Kin. Not that I tested that myself, but it is what the wiki says, and I believe the person working on the defense tables did a good job.

It's probably just another thing the guide got wrong.

by RakuyoRakuyo, 25 Apr 2017 13:44

Thanks, clarification added to the text.

by Souls LoreSouls Lore, 24 Apr 2017 17:39

Guys there are some errors on this page.

I'm referring to my page in regard to the Blood type.

"Serum blood" is a contested blood type, a careless merger of Iosefka's Blood Vial and "Brown Blood".

Many Kin enemies have blue-gray blood, other enemies supposedly bleeding "serum blood" bleed red blood.

Case in point: Orphan of Kos, Brain of Mensis, Garden of Eyes, Children of Rom, depending on where you meet them, etc

by RakuyoRakuyo, 21 Apr 2017 20:53

Thanks for that! I'll be sure to incorporate the information on this page.

There is a youtube video which shows that the Consumed King is supposed to hold the real baby, which is presumably Ocelotte. For more info, search for "Dark Souls 3 ► The Mystery of Ocelotte (IN-DEPTH LORE)" on youtube.

Sources Section.
Exile Mask.
Second to last line.
"Within the wood, an emaciated old wolf commands watchdogs to defent the sanctity of sleeping warriors."
I assume the word "defent" was supposed to be "defend" but somehow there was an accident.
Hope I helped in some way.

What if the dancer is nashandra
Think about in irtyil you find a picture of nashandra ( which probably pontiff sulvhan put ) and it is stated that the dancer is from a royal family but so is nashandra
I only explained this to figure out why is there a portrait of nashandra
I know the theory is not solid but what if

by Ahmed HossamAhmed Hossam, 08 Jan 2017 13:40

The Beckoning Bell description supports this text: "Great old bell discovered in the old underground labyrinth. Its ring resonates across worlds, and the first hunter used it as a special signal to call hunters from other worlds to cross the gap and co-operate."

by Souls LoreSouls Lore, 03 Nov 2016 01:12
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