Yurt, the Silent Chief


Yurt wears the spiky, malevolent-looking Gloom Armor and wields a parrying dagger and a shotel. He can be found trapped in a cage in the Tower of Latria just before riding the elevator down into the swamp. Once freed, he will move to the second floor of the Nexus.

The augites of guidance surrounding his cage were likely thrown by him to draw attention. Yurt claims to be an ally in the fight against the Demons but is actually a blood-thirsty mercenary who is under the employ of the enigmatic Mephistopheles, the leader of a vicious, secret masked society. His mission is to murder anyone left in Boletaria who has knowledge of the Soul Arts, and if he is left alone in the Nexus he will murder all of the mages there and most of its vendors one at a time.

As he speaks, "Silent" obviously does not indicate that he is mute, but must refer to his demeanor because he is stealthy and remains unseen. "Chief" signifies a high rank or leadership position. Since he is a mercenary, and not necessarily a part of the Soul Industry secret society, Chief may indicate he is the leader of a band of assassins. The Shotel description mentions a "group of assassins" which use the weapon. So, "Yurt the Silent Chief" could mean that he is a leader among a group of assassins who inflict pain and death stealthily.

One of the mysteries of Yurt is who imprisoned him in the cage in Latria and why. There are items scattered throughout Latria that belong to high-ranking members of the Soul Industry, so it is possible they were imprisoned by the Old Monk, and Yurt was sent in to rescue them. The opposite may also be true, that the Old Monk captured them, and it was Yurt's job to sneak in and kill them before they spilled what they knew to the Old Monk. One other possibility is that Yurt entered the cage in the swamp, rode it up to the tower, and then simply found he could not reach the latch through the bars of the cage.

The insignia on the back of his Gloom Helmet is very similar in shape to the insignia on the front of the Purple Flame Shield. The origin of the shield's design and characteristics are unknown, so it may have been originally designed by the ancestors of Yurt's clan of assassins.


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