Yuria, the Witch


Yuria is a witch that practices a dark form of Soul Arts. Yuria wears the hat of a witch, but the insect-infested clothing of one who has lived through horrific things. After being freed from the lone tower in the Boletarian Palace, she can be found in the southeast corner of the bottom floor of the Nexus.

When Yuria was born, she had a magical ring in her hand and was thus branded a witch and persecuted as a threat to society. As she aged, her bitterness and lust for power grew and she was drawn to the accursed land of Boletaria. She was defeated by Executioner Miralda near the entrance to the Boletarian Place and was then imprisoned. During her incarceration she was kept separate from the other prisoners in a tower reserved for "special" cases. The key that accesses the tower is encrusted with dried blood, meaning horrific torture must take place there, and the blood would run down to the key hanging on the belt of the Ministers. In that tower she was ill-fed, tortured, and probably sexually assaulted by the Fat Ministers. By wearing a minister's cap, the player is allowed access to Yuria, which further implies there was widespread abuse of her by a multitude of Officials. Inside the tower there are also two corpses, holding the Ring of Magical Nature and the Ring of the Accursed. The item description of both these rings implies those corpses were also witches. Just like Stockpile Thomas's wife and daughter, they fell victim to the Fat Ministers.

That horrific experience robbed her of her lust for power, making her timid and very reluctant to teach the player witchcraft. Once rescued by the player though, she can teach them to channel a Major Demon's Soul in order to create a new, powerful spell. While Sage Freke makes use of magic by studying the essence of a Demon Soul, Yuria uses emotion to channel the soul's raw power. This method of channeling the Soul Arts is believed to be intrinsically evil, as channeling cursed souls will taint the caster. Her magic is often more powerful than Freke's but lacks focus and is more unpredictable. Nonetheless, she is one of the few characters able to break free from her lust for power and the corrupting influence of the Demons.

Saint Urbain and his followers disapprove of Yuria's practices.


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