Worshipper of God


The Worshipper is a believer and follower of the Church, but is not a member of the clergy. She wears a chain mail chest piece, attacks with a pickaxe (a keepsake of her grandfather), and knows no miracles. She can be found on the left side of the bottom floor of the Nexus near the Acoylte and the Disciple.

The female follower of Urbain used to live below the Boletarian Palace. As her grandfather was free to travel, it is unlikely her family were slaves, they may have been hired servants who lived and worked in the palace. She fled the palace when it was besieged by King Allant's doppelganger and its army of Demons. It is her belief that the Pure Faintstone she carries, a family heirloom, protected her from death at the hands of the Demons. The stone was discovered by her grandfather in the Stonefang mines, where he often traveled to mine and collect rocks. The pickaxe she carries and possibly the piece of chain mail she wears were likely once owned by her grandfather.

It is possible she has always been a believer or that she was "born again" and began to believe when the "holy ore" protected her from death. Evidence of her being born again is her sudden eagerness to give all her possessions away to Saint Urbain or the player if their Faith is high. It may also have been Urbain who planted the idea in her head that the pure faintstone protected her from death as it is he who tells her that he can "hear the voice of God through [the stone]."

A worshipper is one who expresses their strong affection and dedication to a deity or sacred object often during a religious ceremony.


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