Weaponsmith Ornifex


Weaponsmith Ornifex is a Crow Demon “blacksmith” living in her workshop in Lower Brightstone Cove, Tseldora. The Crow Demons were likely servants of Velka who were transfigured in their devotion. There is strong evidence that the Blades of the Darkmoon grew out of this servitude to Velka. The Crow Demons carry Souvenirs of Reprisal which are blood-drained, shrunken ears, taken from the subdued guilty. We know that Velka was the goddess of sin and punishment, and her followers likely carried that out for her. In comparison to this, the Blades of the Darkmoon seem to have taken the intention of Velka’s covenant and twisted it so that punishment is only inflicted upon those who sin against the gods, instead of any who sin, gods included. It is therefore very likely that the Crow Demons are the remnants of Velka’s covenant of punishment. It would appear that, like many of the other occupants of the Painted World of Ariamis, the Crow Demons were banished there. This seems especially probable considering the fact that Velka was unpopular among the gods of Anor Londo. However, as discussed below, it may be that they chose to live there to protect Priscilla under Velka’s orders.

Ornifex mentions her people were taught their ancient technique by a strange being that inhabited the land, a pale beast that lived long, long ago. She will also tell you that her technique is unique to her people. We can be confident that Brightstone Cove is strongly linked to Seath, the Scaleless and that he was a great pale beast. If the beast mentioned by Ornifex is Seath, then this ties him to her people’s origins. It would also mean that Velka may have once been welcome in Anor Londo and that her followers were taught to transform powerful souls into powerful weapons by Seath the Scaleless. This indicates that Velka’s role was once in alignment with the gods of Anor Londo or at least Seath’s. If this is the case then it tells us that Velka must have had a falling out with the gods of Anor Londo. Perhaps she attempted to punish them for their misdeeds…

It is interesting to speculate on why Ornifex chose to leave her workshop. It is evident that she made her way through the Doors of Pharros into the Shaded Woods at the foot of Castle Drangleic. There she encountered the Lion Clan Warriors. When freed, in unused dialogue, she mentions how awkward it was for her to fall for such a trap. We may therefore take it that she fell through a section of rotting boards that populate the Shaded Woods area into the dungeon below, where she was promptly locked up by the Lion Clan Warriors. The door to her cell is only open-able by using the Fang Key, an item found on the body of a certain Lion Clan Warrior who has been petrified. It may therefore be that after being locked up, the ‘jail’ was infiltrated by Basilisks, perhaps following the lead of the Giant Basilisk that came to the area, and the fleeing jail keepers were turned to stone, leaving Ornifex in quite a predicament indeed.

Perhaps Ornifex left her cosy abode in search of the King’s wondrous soul. She will mention to us that Drangleic was once a flourishing kingdom and that its king, Vendrick, came close to unlocking the essence of the soul. She then, almost greedily, continues…

“What a dazzling soul he surely had…
Imagine what I might create with such a powerful soul…"

Perhaps it was greed that encouraged Ornifex to leave home and make her way to Drangleic Castle in search of the king’s soul, but it is just as well she was trapped, for as we know, those seeking audience with the king are not well received.


Ornifex is a Crow Demon


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