Vito the Moonlight Knight


One of the high-ranked knights of the Church which ventured to the Valley of Defilement. It is unknown whether Vito accompanied Astraea on her pilgrimage or if Vito arrived after the coming of the Deep Fog when rumors spread that Astraea had become a Demon. The epithet "Moonlight Knight" comes from the large sword of moonlight, a transparent blue crystal sword, one of the few Revelations from God, which Vito wielded in battle. Vito's weapon is found deep inside the Giant Slug's nest in the Valley of Defilement. Next to the nest is a corpse with a legendary hero's soul, this is believed to be the corpse of Vito. Also nearby is a giant slug which has swallowed a set of dull gold armor, leading to speculation that Vito may have been a female knight like Selen Vinland.


Vito as a Phantom


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