Hunters hailng from Cainhurst Castle and in service of its Queen. They are born of forbidden blood that was stolen from Yharnam some time ago, and one is made a Vileblood by drinking the corrupt blood of Queen Annalise. They are a vampiric race, preying upon any and all they encounter to feed their greed. The focus of the covenant is on PvP and invasions, from which, if you are successful, you may win Blood Dregs. These are consumed by Queen Annalise in hopes that she will be able to conceive a Child of Blood; a child of the Great Ones. No matter how many Blood Dregs you offer her, however, she will never be chosen to conceive.

"Pledgers to this oath are Cainhurst Vilebloods, hunters of blood who find dregs for their Queen of coldblood, particularly in that of hunters. Yet the corrupt are heretics in the eyes of the Church, thus subject to the wrath of the Executioners."

To join the covenant, you must talk to Annalise, Queen of the Vilebloods and agree to join the covenant. The Caryll Rune for the covenant is Corruption, which heals the Player continuously by +1 HP per second when at very low health, until a certain threshold is met.

Members are ranked on the Vileblood Register based on how many Blood Dregs they've donated. They are found by killing other hunters, either NPC or player, while the Corruption rune is equipped. What rank you are on the Vileblood Register has no in-game effect. Upon joining the covenant, members receive the Corruption Rune, the Cainhurst Badge, and the Respect gesture. After donating 1 Blood Dreg, the player gets the Deep Respect gesture. Blood Dregs can be consumed for 1 Insight.


Laurence is the traitor to the Byrgenwerth Scholars


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