The boss of the Tutorial, also appearing in Shrine of Storms.

The Vanguards are a powerful type of demon who leads the demons in attacks and sieges. It is the only demon "leader" that isn't a boss.

A huge demon with grey skin covered with spikes. It has three yellow glowing eyes and a little hole that works as a nose. On its head it has two curved horns and its mouth is covered with a row of sharp giant teeth. Inside its mouth there are two fibres connecting the mandible with the jaw and a normal set of sharp teeth. On its back there are three moving spikes and a pair of wings, which can be used to lift the creature up in the air. It moves with two stocky legs and it has a large belly. It wields a giant axe which can deal high damage to the victim and can kill it with one or two swings. Using its wings, it can perform a buttstomp when the enemy is near him and its axe can't reach it.

The vanguard is a curious creature as it appears to be the fusion of many different animal attributes.The body resembles the grey color, thick hide, and paunch of a rhinoceros. The feet have long appendages sticking out like fingers as if they could be used to grip things (like a monkey or a gorilla foot). The upper body is covered in spikes and the hands are human-like with long claws. On its back is an unsightly hump. Sticking out from that hump is a pair of stubby wings and what looks like a second, stubby tail. The head features downward curved horns like a ram, mouth tentacles like a crustacean, and 3 glowing eyes.

The Vanguards served as the head of the attack force of the Demon army. A Vanguard swings its massive dozer axe horizontally to knock humans and rubble out of the path of the Demons following behind. If surrounded the Vanguard will use its wings to lift off the ground and slam its butt down to cause ground tremors and knock the enemy off their feet,

Though their death results in the acquisition of a mature Demon Soul, it does not shift the world tendency toward white. In this way they are not normal enemies, but nor are they a fully mature Demon. One might call them the highest level minions of the Major Demons. Its grey Demon Soul can be used to craft the Vanguard's weapon, the dozer axe.


Title of theory.


Dozer Axe

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