Valley of Defilement


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The Valley of Defilement is a wretched home for the abused and neglected citizens of Boletaria. A dumping ground for the Kingdom’s unholy, the Valley became notorious as a place where one could leave the fetus of an unwanted child to rot in the festering swamps. Hearing of the Valley’s dreadful circumstance, the Sixth Saint Astraea took it upon herself and, along with her companion, Garl Vinland, traveled there in hopes of freeing the depraved souls consumed by the fog.

The mindless drones that now remain in the Valley will violently attack any who threaten them in hopes of claiming souls to offer up to the great Maiden who showed them compassion. In the deepest pits of the Valley are born two vile demons out of the putrilage and plague that lingers in the deadly bog. It is said that Astraea pledged herself to the will of a Demon’s Soul to help ease the pain of the suffering, rather than to accept the aid of a cruel God who would allow such a place to exist.


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