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Vallarfax, the younger of the two, and Biorr were brothers known as the Royal Twin Fangs. They were both members of King Allant's round table of knights when the Demon scourge came to the Boletaria Palace. Unlike his brother Biorr who had only mastered the sword, Vallarfax was skilled in combat and possessed a brilliant mind, "sharper than most scholars." The placement of Vallarfax's ring of great strength would indicate he was defeated at the Blue and Red Dragon's roost in the first level of the Boletaria Palace. The unique purple flame shield found near the ring in the dragon's nest may have also been wielded by Vallarfax. Unlike Biorr who was merely imprisoned, Vallarfax was likely put to death, presumably by Executioner Miralda, and his body dumped down her tower; where a set of brushwood armor is found. Another reason why many believe Vallarfax is dead is Biorr speaks of his brother not in present tense, but past tense ("he WAS a brave and mighty knight," and his mind "WAS sharper than most scholars").

This narrative would seem to be at odds with Ostrava's tale (which says he was "lost") and the prologue which states Vallarfax escaped the colorless fog to inform the world of Boletaria's plight so there are many theories to reconcile the discrepancies.
1.)After warning the world of the Demon scourge he journeyed back into the colorless fog where he was defeated and put to death.
2.)Vallarfax is not dead, he lost his ring in the dragon's roost as he fled the palace and the Brushwood armor at the base of Miralda's tower belongs to someone else.
3.)The real Vallarfax is dead and a Demon doppelganger, much like the False King Allant, is the one who escaped the colorless fog.

If the last explanation were true, False Vallarfax's mission would be to lure both honorable warriors seeking to free Boletaria from the scourge as well as more unsavory individuals who lusted after power with the tales of the "enticing power" of Demon Souls. It would be the Old One's hope that among those lured to Boletaria, one, the player, would be a suitable replacement for the failure that was King Allant as the prime servant to the Old One.

Vallarfax is a combination of two Old Icelandic words, "Vallar" meaning "field" and "Fax" meaning "Mane." When combined together it means "field's mane," which is a colorful expression for "the Forest." "Vallar" may also be a variation on "valor", boldness is the face of great danger, as they have the same pronunciation. Fax is Latin for flame or firebrand. A firebrand means both a torch as well as one who encourages unrest and strife, a troublemaker. So his name could mean "a shining beacon of courage" or "one who encourages bravery." If one subscribes to the doppelganger theory, fax could also refer to facsimile; a copy or reproduction. In which case his name could mean the "one who has the false appearance of bravery," or the "copy of one who is brave."


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