Vallarfax was a swordsman, one of the Twin Fangs, a pair of skilled knights, alongside Biorr. The two were comrades, Brothers in Arms who fought alongside one another and were proud members of King Allant's round table. They were wildly strong, each wearing armor and wielding weapons that would crush a lesser man with ease. Vallarfax was the younger of the two, and Biorr held a mighty respect for his brother in arms, referring to him as skilled with both his sword and his mind, going so far to say he was even sharper than most scholars. When the Demonic Scourge came to the Boletaria, the two were separated. Vallarfax fleeing the fog to search for help, while Biorr stayed behind to protect the kingdom.

Ostrava speaks of Biorr and Vallarfax in the nexus, but seems to be misinformed as to the true whereabouts of either knight, mistakenly telling the player that Biorr had slipped through the fissure, despite the fact that Biorr was still in Boletaria. Notably, he is also incorrect about Oolan's gender, so it's likely he is just wrong about either knight's location.
Despite the armor being emblematic of the Twin Fangs, the Brushwood Set was worn by the Boletarian Royal Family. Belonging not just to the Fangs, but to the royal knights as a whole- Alfred, Knight of the Tower as well.

Vallarfax is a combination of two Old Icelandic words, "Vallar" meaning "field" and "Fax" meaning "Mane." When combined together it means "field's mane," which is a colorful expression for "the Forest." "Vallar" may also be a variation on "valor", boldness is the face of great danger, as they have the same pronunciation. Fax is Latin for flame or firebrand. A firebrand means both a torch as well as one who encourages unrest and strife, a troublemaker. So his name could mean "a shining beacon of courage" or "one who encourages bravery." If one subscribes to the doppelganger theory, fax could also refer to facsimile; a copy or reproduction. In which case his name could mean the "one who has the false appearance of bravery," or the "copy of one who is brave."


Vallarfax's Fate

A Demonic Doppelganger



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