Undead Dragon


Rotting undead dragons that appear in Valley of Drakes and the Painted World of Ariamis. They are possibly some of the last dragons left alive that were affected by Gravelord Nito's plague.

Design Works Interview

Miyazaki: You may not believe me, but I always tried to maintain a certain level of refinement and elegance in all the designs. I often told the artists muddy or messy is definitely not good.
I think this carries through the entire game, of course if you asked me to describe what this "elegance" is… well I think you just have to look at the designs and judge for yourself, but it really is one of the most important factors in everything I oversee.
Waragai: I remember you said that to me when I was working on the undead dragon. Originally it was covered with maggots, but you told me that I instead needed to try and capture the sadness of this great creature as it marches towards extinction.


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