Tower Knight Archstone


The third Archstone of the Boletarian Palace, attained after defeating the Tower Knight. Unlike other zones, this is not the final Archstone, leading into another long area.

After having defeated the Tower Knight, a wall of thick fog blocks your way until you have attained the power of the Soul of an Archdemon, at which point it dissipates and allows you passage. This is likely an extra measure of the Fog to protect its strongest Demon, who waits within the Castle's walls. Once access trough the doors has been granted, the Player enters into the Castle of Boletaria's royalty, though they have still yet to breech its deepest depth. Here is where the servants, soldiers, and nobility of the court would reside, beautifully decorated and powerfully protected inner sanctum for the highest members of Boletarian society. Here we find more evidence of the normal lives that once were; aside from the already familiar assorted tables of food and supplies, decorative architecture and fountains abound. Flags bearing Boletaria's royal crest wave above the paths proudly, and statues of the royal knights, their human counterparts now turned to the Blue Eyed and Red Eyed Knight enemies, stand guard at various junctures.

Here the Player will encounter many more Fat Ministers than in Stonefang, and with significantly higher attack power. As well as them, a new enemy type is introduced, the Imperial Spy. These ninja-like acrobats hide around corners and down alleyways, ambushing the Player with throwing knives and harsh kicks from their bladed footwear. Before the Demon Invasion, this secretive group served as King Allant's eyes and ears, rooting out dissenters amongst his own people. Both spies and assassins, they would bring information to their King about those who disagreed with his policies or would otherwise stand in the way of his ever expanding conquests and then dispatch them as needed. In the 2020 Remake of the game, their costume may be found in the balcony overlooking the Fool's Idol boss arena in 3-1.

This area includes many interactions with NPCs the Player may have already come to be familiar with; the Dregling Merchant can be found early into the level, where he sells his finest goods. Ostrava of Boletaria must again be rescued, this time from dire circumstance as he is chased by several Red Eyed Knights and trapped behind a door - once opened, he will flee to a corner to cower whilst you dispatch his attackers. If you die to the Knights, and Ostrava has not yet been killed, when you respawn they will begin their battle again. Don't fear ruining his questline! As long as he is not killed, you will have multiple chances. Once rescued, he will inform you that he has business with his Father in the castle ahead, gravely sure now that Boletaria lies in ruin.

You may also make two new acquaintances here: firstly, off a slain Minister the Player will acquire the key to a door back in 1-2, in the guard towers just prior to the Tower Knight, where there is a prison. There you may rescue Biorr of the Twin Fangs. After this, he can be found in the Nexus, where he will inform you on the whereabouts of Yuria the Witch, who is imprisoned in another jail tower in 1-3, tormented by Fat Ministers. She is the final Sorcery teacher, provided the others have all been rescued first.

At the end of the level lies The Penetrator's boss arena. If he has been rescued, Biorr will assist the Player in this battle.

Overall, a level that firmly cements in the Player the truth of the cruelty and corruption behind closed doors in Boletaria.


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