Tower Knight


The boss of Phalanx Archstone.

A 30-foot tall knight clad head-to-toe in thick, metal armor. It wields a large tower shield and a lance, and it is assisted by a group of Boletarian archers sniping from the battlements.

Tower Knight is the corrupted form of Alfred, the knight of the tower, a knight of the round table in Boletaria. Before the scourge, he wielded the largest and heaviest shield in all of Boletaria, able to stop almost any physical or magical blow. He now wields a much larger, soul form version of his signature tower shield. Alfred appears later in the level as a black phantom wearing brushwood armor, wielding the scraping spear and tower shield. The combination of heavy defense with a weapon designed to poke at and strip enemies of their tools implies a cowardly nature, despite his high status.

Tower Knight's Iron Demon Soul is crafted into the spell Warding (meaning to deflect or repel) which mimics the effect of Alfred's tower shield by greatly reducing the physical damage taken by the player.

The corpse of Alfred, carrying his tower shield, can be found in a dead-end passageway below the dungeon where Biorr was imprisoned.


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