Tomb of the Giants


Accessed through The Catacombs, this tomb is home to Gravelord Nito.

Much of the Tomb of the Giants is pitch-black, making it particularly difficult to traverse without a light source. It is inhabited by all manner of skeletons, from babies to giants.

The lake of lava in Demon Ruins that was flooded by Ceaseless Discharge can be seen in the first half of the Tomb, while the sky and archtrees of Ash Lake are visible in the second half.

Vince and Nico of Thorolund descended here, following Rhea of Thorolund but they all got trapped, resulting in Nico and Vince going hollow. There are various Prism Stones scattered about the Tomb, which will lead to Patches, who has a particular dislike towards clerics and will attempt to trick the player.


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