Throne of Want


Deep within Drangleic Castle, the Throne of Want is the "true throne", and taking it means to link the fire of the First Flame.

When the door to the throne is opened, the one who ventures inside will have to face these foes:

  • Throne Watcher and Throne Defender: This mysterious duo watched and protects the Throne of Want. They have been here for ages, watching and waiting for the next Monarch. But their souls have an odd taint…
  • Nashandra: The Queen, Nashandra, has a secret, Dark and ancient. She convinced Vendrick to cross the sea and pilfer a mighty prize from the Giants. She brought a Dark-like peace to the Kingdom of Drangleic, but eventually Vendrick realized something was amiss. He fled and refused to take part in Nashandra's plans any longer. But now she has found you, the new heir to the Throne of Want…


The Giant's Kinship and the Throne


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