Things Betwixt


A small dimensional rift that exists between Drangleic and the outside world, this seemingly peaceful limbo serves as a gateway between the two realms. It lies deep within a shadowy cavern and transverses an ancient forest rising from a subterranean lake. Three former Firekeepers reside here with their caretaker, offering guidance to the Undead who pass through on their quest to break the curse. The forest serves as a proving ground for visitors and hides a great many secrets for those willing to seek them out, but beware - while the main road is relatively safe, straying from the beaten path can lead to a terrifying end before your journey has even begun…

The former Firekeepers are sisters; their names are Strowen, Morrel, and Griant. As Firekeepers are often a target for Pyromancy and Hex materials, they have retired to this remote region for their own protection. Strowen is the cynical leader of the three. Morrel is more reserved than her sister Strowen and will contribute sardonic comments to conversation but tends not to start them herself. Like Morrel, Griant is disinclined to initiate conversations and tends to prefer throwing in her two cents while Strowen engages their many visitors.

The Sparkling Sisters Dyna and Tillo also reside in Things Betwixt.

The foes encountered here are:

  • Kobold: These skittish, dog-like creatures inhabit the small meadow near the Fire Keeper's hut. Are these the Fire Keeper's pets, or simply a form of life native to the limbo that exists between Drangleic and the outside world?
  • Undead Traveler: The Undead Travelers in Things Betwixt are all hostile. They are wearing imported clothing similar to what you have at the beginning of your journey. Their origins and motives are completely unknown - perhaps they have already hallowed?
  • Ogre: It is possible that the rift between Drangleic and the outside world is a native habitat for the monstroud Ogres, but are beats like this simply born… or are they created?
  • Falconers: A fierce band of mercenaries hired to compensate for the infamously timid domestic Volgen soldiers. In practice, they serve as bodyguards for the affluent elite, and they serve well, such that nobody dares scrutinize their backgrounds.


Things Betwixt is a Portal

Things Betwixt is or is like Ash Lake.


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