The Pit


In the center of Majula yawns a gaping hole in the ground, incongruous against the desolate backdrop of crumbling buildings and coastal cliffs. Past kingdoms once disposed of their failed experiments and unwanted souls here, banishing them from the surface world and casting them into the lightless depths to be forgotten. Today, the Pit is used merely as a garbage receptacle into which junk, corpses, and various other farms of waste are dumped. Nevertheless, this grim and ever-present remnant of Majula's dark history remains permeated with an air of sorrow and foreboding. Though nobody in the village knows precisely where the ominous shaft leads or what lurks beneath it in the bowels of the earth, rumors persist of an ancient crypt housing the remains of forgotten saints and a Rat King who presides over this subterranean domain.

The Emerald Herald explains, "Inside the giant pit live the tiny beings that were once man's friends. To face what is beyond the pit, one must have both strength and courage."


Grave of Saints
The Gutter


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