The Old Chaos


Connected to the Grand Cathedral is a fiery pit, with a web of roots hanging overhead. The Old Chaos is home to an "Ancient Flame". This is likely the First Flame itself, or at least some incarnation of it.

The Burnt Ivory King resides here, though he is but a shadow of his former self. In an attempt to appease the raging flame, the Ivory King built a great cathedral at its mouth, and the oracle of Eleum Loyce, Alsanna, prayed in silent vigilance. The attempt was unsuccessful and the flames still raged. The King made attempted to combat the Chaos, and his knights delved valiantly into the depths to exterminate the terrible things that dwelled there, but not one of them returned. Eventually, the Ivory King sensed the degradation of his soul and left Eleum Loyce. He traveled deep into the Chaos with his knights until he was devoured by the flames.


The "Ancient Flame" is the Flame of Chaos.


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