The Nexus


Amidst the realm of reality and death exists a place known as the Nexus. It is a hidden temple that "binds together the northern land of Boletaria." It is the central hub for the souls whom traverse the ethereal worlds hoping to reclaim their bodies.

Below the Nexus sleeps the Old One, offering the promise of limitless prosperity to any that gives him or herself up to it. The Maiden maintains the Nexus, keeping its candles lit and watching over the souls of the beings trapped within.

Most of the characters you meet in your travels will appear here:

Blacksmith Boldwin
Patches, the Hyena
Saint Urbain
Disciple of God
Sage Freke, the Visionary
Freke's Apprentice

Yuria, the Witch
The Maiden in Black
Stockpile Thomas
The Monumental
Crestfallen Warrior

Worshipper of God
Acolyte of God
Biorr, of the Twin Fangs
Ostrava, of Boletaria
Yurt, the Silent Chief


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