The League


The League is a loose confederation of madmen who work to cleanse the land of impurity, which they believe comes from Vermin, a centipede-like creature that can be found in the blood. This idea has been passed down through their group during its time, including with the current members, but seems to have been nothing but fantasy to explain the horrors of their world, and to give them a way to feel as if they can combat it. The head piece Master's Iron Helm, worn by each leader of the League in their time, admits that the current head, Valtr, no longer is capable of seeing Vermin, now that the madness of his grief over the loss of his companions years earlier has subsided. It is likely he keeps up the charade for the sake of his underlings. The Vermin themselves are described thusly: "Perhaps there is some mercy in the madness. Those who wish to see vermin can, and those who choose to are provided with boundless purpose.

Valtr is the leader of The League. Other members include: Yamamura the Wanderer and the Madaras Twins. Their Caryll Rune is Impurity, which boosts maximum HP during co-op by 2%, encouraging the kind of comradery enjoyed by its members.


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