The Executioners


The Executioners covenant is another PvP and invasion-focused group. A dedicated group of religious zealots who predated the forming of the Healing Church, they were lead by Martyr Logarius and sworn to the hunting and destruction of heretics. While pious and fanatical, they were an intensely militant faction who used highly ritualized, violent combat tactics in shockingly brutal ways. Built upon principles related to blood purity and prayer, they were a force to be reckoned with. Their sworn enemies are the vampiric clan known as the Blood Kin of Cainhurst, or, more commonly, Vilebloods. By the time the Player arrives in Yharnam, only one Executioner is left, Alfred, Hunter of Vilebloods.

The Executioners covenant is accessed via Alfred‘s sidequest. Their Caryll Rune is Radiance, which has the in game effect of blessing the Player with higher returns upon healing.


The Executioners were Hunters under Yharnam and the Pthumerians.


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