Stone Trader Chloanne


Chloanne is Blacksmith Lenigrast's daughter. She collects ore.

Chloanne is an orestone trader from Volgen, to the west, who travels about collecting rare stones which she sells to make a living. Volgen is a lively place, vibrant with trade and famous for its merchants. It’s very competitive, and you have to ‘grease the wheels’ to get anywhere. The cities of Volgen are bustling and Chloanne found this environment to be suffocating. And so she set out, in search of stones in faraway lands. There were dangers, for certain, but she preferred to live that way.

Either prior to her leaving Volgen or during the course of her travels, Chloanne became cursed with the Undead Darksign, and this lured her to Drangleic. She will tell us she never planned to visit “this gods-forsaken place”, but just sort of ended up there. Her dialogue is symptomatic of those afflicted by the Curse, as she will state on a number of occasions that she can’t seem to remember how she ended up in Drangleic, saying that she must have just “wandered in” almost as if she were drawn to the place, or lured in.

Upon arriving in Drangleic, Chloanne set about scouting for rare bits. She was directed towards Harvest Valley, perhaps whoever sent her there told her it was a place with a wealth of stones, as it used to be a mine. She appears to have quite a knack for ore trading, as she will tell us that many stones may look the same, but to the trained eye, each is unique. None of the differences are easily spotted, but she’s learned quite a lot, really!

It appears that Chloanne has always been a travelling “flirtatious vagabond” (Lenigrast). Her father Blacksmith Lenigrast will tell us that his “witless”, “reckless”, “oblivious” daughter has spent her whole life in transit, “prancing about”. This also explains why Lenigrast is so harsh on those nomads who populate the land. But this lifestyle has not been without benefits, as even Lenigrast can see that his daughter “knows her stones”. Blacksmith Lenigrast himself came to Drangleic in search of his daughter, perhaps after spending a long time waiting back home or perhaps after he himself became Undead. He may have been lured to the land just like her, but tells himself he is there in search of his daughter to keep from hollowing.

After the player speaks with Chloanne in Harvest Valley, she will move to Majula and set up shop there, within sight of her father’s blacksmith trade. She appears to be quite far-gone in the hollowing process because she will ask us about Lenigrast: “you see that blacksmith over there? Is he one of those…Hollows? He seems to keep eyeing me up. He sort of looks like my father. He’s a blacksmith, too, you see. The poor man’s such a worrywart. But… he wouldn’t follow me out here, would he?” Perhaps it is simply that she doesn’t recognize her father in his mostly hollowed state. Lenigrast will confirm that he is her father when he tells us his witless daughter has finally come home, oblivious as ever. And that is how matters end between them it would seem. Lenigrast simply keeps an eye on his daughter, and she finally settles down in Majula, a not too special place where everyone just seems to end up. If there were ever any doubt about Lenigrast’s relationship to Chloanne, it is interesting to note a piece of recorded dialogue from Lenigrast that says “Chloanne…I…”

So Chloanne ends up in Majula toiling away with her work hook and continuing to find rare stones which she sells to stave off hollowing. If attacked she will defend herself with the work hook and throwing knives, though neither are very effective.


Title of theory.



Lenigrast Dialogue
"Drat, you're worse than my reckless daughter. Don't spend you're whole life in transit, you hear?" "My witless daughter finally came home. Just as oblivious as she's always been. Well, at least now I can keep an eye on her."
"Stones? Try asking my daughter. You might be surprised."


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