Stockpile Thomas


Stockpile Thomas is a widower whose family was killed during the setting in of the deep fog; his wife and daughter were either slain or turned into Demons. Thomas, unwilling to dwell on the past, has made his home in the Nexus and is willing to store any and all items the player is carrying. Thomas wears leather armor and boots, which means he may have been a hunter before the scourge. He can be found on the bottom floor of the Nexus.

Thomas lived near the Boletaria Palace with his wife and daughter when the Demon scourge came. He has no formal combat training and in terror he fled, abandoning his wife and daughter, and becoming injured in the process. He awoke in the Nexus and was nursed back to health by the Maiden in Black. As the Worshipper of God also fled the Boletaria Palace at the start of the scourge, she may be the one who carried the injured Thomas to the Nexus. He is not physically bound to the Nexus with a Nexial binding, but is so terrified of the Demons that he has not left the Nexus since he awoke. The player later confirms that Thomas's wife and child are dead when their corpses are found suspended by chains from the side of a tower in the Boletarian Palace.

As the player has limited inventory space Thomas pledges to watch over and protect any excess baggage, like an item bank.


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