Steady Hand McDuff


A master blacksmith who lives only for his trade. Quiet and unsociable by nature, he despises distractions to the extent that he locked himself in the Bastille to concentrate on his smithing. McDuff's long career in the fore has given him and intimate understanding of fire and brought him to the realization that the power of flame was never meant for humankind. Though this wealth of experience has brought the world's fundamental truths nearly within his grasp, McDuff lacks the words to express his thoughts to others; his vast knowledge and erudite wisdom are easily misinterpreted as madness due to his antisocial disposition and obsession with fire.

Steady Hand McDuff is a famed blacksmith of yore. He has a deep love and obsession with fire and will reward anyone who shares that passion. It is most likely that McDuff is from a kingdom of long ago and is affected by the Curse. He appears to be hollowing significantly, as he will often repeat the lines "Flame, dear flame…".

It is likely that McDuff was locked up by a Dark Lord, one who had rejected the idea of linking the fire, whose reason made him doubt flame. Perhaps it was King Vendrick, a king who never took the true Throne, and allowed the whole art of using embers to fortify weapons to be lost, long ago.


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