Skeleton Lords


The Old Iron King commanded the capture of all Undead, and led his best men on Undead hunts. The captured Undead were thrown into cells built in the forest that would become known as Huntman’s Copse. These unfortunate souls were tortured and killed mercilessly, and eventually reduced to skeletons. Those charged with the task of rounding up the Undead were overcome by the Curse themselves, and the march of time has eroded any difference between the captors and the captives.

The Skeleton Lords were the leaders of these hunts, and the very men who were ordered to hunt down the Undead were themselves hollowed. With their memories purged in ‘rebirth’, they founded a kingdom of bone.

The Skeleton Lord’s likely forgot what they had been commanded to do due to the Undead curse eroding their memory. But they retained the knowledge that they had once ruled, and impelled by this memory, established thrones made from bone. The structure they occupy is completely filled with bones, even piled up into the corners. These were once their countless victims, subjects of the Old Iron King, who have now become servants of the ‘Bone Kings’.

The Skeleton Lords wield different weapons. One, a roaring halberd, a weapon forged from the soul of a Skeleton Lord imbued with the power of dark, who is also capable of pyromancy and will cast fire orbs. Another, a Great Scythe, and the final one a spear like weapon that appears to be a Bone Staff, though may not be released in game.


Title of theory.

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