Sir Yorgh

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Sir Yorgh was the leader of the Drakeblood Knights who came from a land long forgotten. The Drakeblood Knights worshiped dragon’s blood and were said to have believed that it was sacrosanct. Under the command of Sir Yorgh, they invaded Shulva, the Sanctum City and set siege to the Dragon’s Sanctum. Sir Yorgh and his knights managed to force their way into the Sanctum, despite the Sunken King’s increasingly extreme attempts to defend it.

Sir Yorgh invaded Shulva seeking the blood of the renowned dragon that slumbered there. He believed that by obtaining this blood, he could achieve a true understanding of life and transcend his banal existence. He wore a ring that deflected spells, and his Drakeblood Knights carried shields capable of parrying spells. They had therefore clearly done some research into Shulva, which was a city proficient in miracles.

In the Dragon’s Sanctum, Sir Yorgh killed the Sunken King. He approached Sinh, the Slumbering Dragon and pierced its side with his spear. Sinh immediately awoke and spewed forth a poisonous fog that blanketed Shulva and the Sanctum in death, killing the Drakeblood Knights and many of Shulva’s citizens, and Sir Yorgh disappeared into the Eternal Sanctum.

Sir Yorgh was never heard from again. His ring can be found on a corpse next to Sinh in the Dragon’s Rest and presumably the corpse is that of Sir Yorgh.


Sir Yorgh Might Be From Drangleic.


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