Sir Syan, The King's Loyal Knight


Sir Syan was considered Drangleic’s most loyal knight. His rank amongst Drangleic’s knights is not given, but it is possible he was part of the Royal Guard that protected Vendrick, perhaps in a time prior to Velstadt, the Royal Aegis. His renowned loyalty may have been because he was with Vendrick since the beginning or from early on in his reign.

He wielded a halberd that was meticulously crafted and distinguished, and wore armor that was solidly crafted towards high defense.

When the Giants invaded Drangleic, Sir Syan volunteered to lead the advance party, a small group of soldiers who go ahead of the main body of troops to prepare the way for their arrival. When preparing the way, he was slaughtered most dishonourably, most likely by the Giants who do not live by the laws of chivalry.

When Vendrick learned that Sir Syan had been killed, he commissioned replicas of his armor and accoutrements. He then bestowed them to promising knights. At the time of Sir Syan’s death, Vendrick had commissioned a greatshield specifically for him called the Greatshield of Glory. It was most likely commissioned as a reward for Sir Syan’s bravery in volunteering to lead the advance party. However, before the shield was completed, Sir Syan met his demise. Syan may have been wielding an alternative shield, likely the Tower Shield that the knights wearing the replicas of his armor are seen with.

It is said that not long after these promising knights donned the replica armor of Syan, did they go thoroughly mad.


Why the knights went thoroughly mad.


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