Sinner's Rise


The heart of the prison lies far below the Servant's Quarter of the Lost Bastille. It is hidden from the sight and memories of the world. Through the years, the ocean has gradually encroached upon the corridors of the Rise, but its inhuman residents don't seem to mind at all. Here you will find the most wicked Sinner of all - one for which a thousand years of atonement would not be enogh.

Sinners' Rise is where high level prisoners were taken during the height of Drangleic's power. At the base of the tower, reached via plank elevator, are the cells. The furthest cell, separated from the rest of the tower by a narrow path above the sea, houses the Lost Sinner. Defeating her opens access to a Primal Bonfire.

Lucatiel of Mirrah has a summon sign here, found after taking the elevator down to the flooded holding cells.

The foes encountered here are:

  • Royal Swordsman: These warriors formerly served in Vendrick's army during the war against the Giant, however very few survived the battles and the remainder succumbed to the undead curse. Despite turning hollow, they continue to defend their King's domain.
  • Enhanced Undead: This deformed, unnatural creature must surely be the product of some serious misdeeds. Who created this monstrosity, and is it what they intended to make? It almost seems to be half-dragon, but, whatever it is, it has the mind of a Hollow.
  • The Lost Sinner: The Lost Sinner eternally punishes herself for the sins of her past. Indeed, she committed what some would believe to be the ultimate sin - she attempted to relight the First Flame. The Lost Sinner possesses the Soul of a Great One; she holds the remnants of the Soul of the Old Witch of Izalith. Eons have passed since the legendary Witch walked the land, but such was her power that it persists even now.


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