Simon, the Harrowed


Also known as Simon, the Bowblade Hunter. Simon was one of the early Hunters. He is found in the Hunter's Nightmare and encourages you to uncover the secrets hidden by the Healing Church.

Simon was an early church hunter. During his time as a hunter his work revolved around hiding his identity and slipping into the nooks and crannies of Yharnam looking for early signs of the scourge. However Simon later developed a certain interest in uncovering the secrets of the Healing Church.

Simon despised firearms and so the Church workshop had a special weapon called a Bowblade specially fashioned to his liking. Unfortunately Simon’s choice to wield the bow against the scourge beasts caused those peers who were not his close friends to scoff at him because they believed that the bow would be ineffective against the might of the beasts.

At some point in his life Simon appears to have uncovered the truth or a partial truth about the Healing Church and the origin of the hunter’s curse. Seemingly to put an end to the plight of the hunters, and likely save himself, Simon entered the Hunter’s Nightmare and sought the Fishing Hamlet where it all began. But before he could complete his work Simon was hunted down by Brador, the Church Assassin who protects the church’s secrets. The beast-hide assassin eventually overcame Simon, and he died within walking distance of the corpse of Kos, the source that feeds the nightmare.


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