Siegmeyer of Catarina


Siegmeyer is a knight from Catarina who has come to Lordran seeking adventure and excitement, though he isn't totally prepared for it, and his daughter, Sieglinde, is against it. He's often getting into trouble as he goes along but always remains optimistic that somehow the obstacle will be overcome, usually with assistance by the Chosen Undead. He typically will be seen sleeping or meditating on his current problem, determined to continue his adventure, wherever it will take him.

Siegmeyer's journey takes him to the following locations: Sen's Fortress, Anor Londo, Firelink Shrine, Blighttown, Lost Izalith, and Ash Lake.

Design Works Interview

The Catarina armour was designed by Mr Waragai. Long before we started work on the game, in fact, not long after he joined the company we actually asked him to produce a number of designs, not for any specific project but more as a kind of test to help us decide which development team to attach him to. During that period I asked him to produce some fantasy armour, and among his designs there was a large, overweight character like Bazuso from Berzerk. It was really distinctive with a spherical, onion shaped helmet and I took to it immediately. Once we started work on Dark Souls and I began to outline Siegmeyer's character, it seemed like a perfect fit so I just used the design as it was.

Although Siegmeyer isn't actually fat, it's just his armour. It's strange little details like this that I really like. If there's one thing I regret about the Catarina armour, it's that I wasn't able to show the helmet opening, it's designed to do that and I have a mental image of Siegmeyer popping it open and hungrily guzzling down some food. I just wasn't able to fit in anywhere in the game. I have to apologise to Mr Waragai for that.

In the end [their armour] lost something of their initial resemblance to Bazuso, but I'm very happy with the way the two characters turned out. Siegmeyer's story, including his touching final scene is actually enhanced by the fact that he's wearing that armour, don't you think? …perhaps that's just me.


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