Shrine of Storms

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"The island shrine of the Shadowmen, who worship storms & mourn the dead.
Here, the Storm Beasts fly above and the souls of the dead inhabit empty skeletons to move about freely."

The Shrine of Storms was an isolated land where pagans would go to worship the god of Storms, and where legends of fallen heroes were mourned. The colorless fog released a flood of souls from the many catacombs, which soon found hosts in the skeletal remains littered across the island. Tales of great pagan deities and Boletarian folklore gave birth to reality as the Shrine is now home to fiction-made-flesh.

The Adjudicator, the great Judge of the Deceased, awaits the passing of a new hero to begin the process of purification before the soul is given up as a sacrifice to the great Storm King, a mighty beast that soars high above the island’s ancestral burial ground. The Storm King himself is merely the embodiment of the ideas of an ancient pagan civilization, given corporeal form by the colorless fog. Deep inside the ruins of the Shrine of Storms is a burial ground devoted to the legend of a great and nameless Hero who now blindly continues his lust for power and fame, he as well a legend of a distant generation perpetuated by the pagan rituals.


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