Shrine of Amana


A large, open, flooded area located beneath a tangled roof of enormous roots. To reach the Undead Crypt, one must travel through the Shrine of Amana. The shrine has a comforting atmosphere, likely to ease the souls of Undead traveling to the crypt, though the Archdrake followers who oversee the shrine present a threat to invaders.

The Milfanito inhabit the Shrine of Amana. They sing and keep what lurks beneath the water slumbering. it is possible that they are already dead, or hollow, but appear human by some magic like that granted by items like the Ring of the Dead.

A Demon was contained within the shrine by sacred rituals, but over time the tradition was lost, and the Demon set free. It gained knowledge, and learned to lure humans into its lair using song.

The Altar of Amana is in this area and can be accessed by speaking to a Milfanito and rescuing another from the hut near the Demon of Song.

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The foes encountered here are:

  • Lizardman: A Hollow that lived in an aquatic environment for an extended period of time and eventually adapted to its surroundings by mutating into its present form. These creatures prowl the shallow waters of the Shrine of Amana, perpetually searching for sources of fresh Souls.
  • Lindelt Cleric: An Undead Lindelt cleric of the mysterious Archdrake sect. Their homeland is subject to strict laws and emigration is a common means of escaping the authoritarian rule; a number of the defectors have found their way to Drangleic in an attempt to start new lives, but some have since gone Hollow and become a threat to the living.
  • Amana Shrine Maiden: Hollowed priestesses formerly responsible for performing the sealing rituals which imprisoned the Demon of Song. Over time the line of shrine maidens gradually died off and, with no successors to pass down the sacred rites, the seal broke and the Demon was freed from its prison.
  • Acid Horn Beetle: A species of Horn Beetle which has developed the ability to release a cloud of corrosive fungal spores into the surrounding air. These peculiar insects reside in the damp caves of the Shrine of Amana and represent a nominal threat to the equipment, if not the lives of passerby.
  • Giant Acid Horn Beetle: A vastly overgrown Acid Horn Beetle. Whether these impressive specimens are the result of some misguided Aldian experiment or an unusually long life is unknown; they are extremely rare and only a few exist in Drangleic.
  • Peculiar Kindular (Dark Spirit): A strange man of unknown origins who will invade travelers a short distance past Rhoy's Resting Place in the Shrine of Amana. While his name and appearance suggest an eclectic character, his talent with magic is unquestionable and he will attack with a diverse arsenal of dangerous spells.
  • Demon of Song: A hideous froglike Demon originally sealed within the Shrine of Amana. When the priestesses attending the Shrine and maintaining the seal eventually died and went Hollow the Demon was set free, luring unsuspecting humans into its lair by mimicking the song of the Milfanito.


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