Shiva of the East


Shiva is the captain of a clan in the Forest Hunter covenant. He is a collector of rare weapons and is willing to sell some of his collection for a cost. He hails from the East, as does his ninja-like bodyguard who's always with him. Although his bodyguard never speaks, he's always ready to act when Shiva is in danger. He wears the Shadow Set, which is "worn by spooks from an Eastern land. Designed so as not to hinder their unique form of martial arts".

Both Alvina and Patches express their mistrust towards Shiva, despite him being amicable and friendly with the player unless provoked. This mistrust is possibly the remnant of cut content which involves Shiva killing the player to obtain their Chaos Blade, a cursed Katana which drains the health of the one who wields it, similar to the Makoto-Satsuki "quest" in Demon's Souls. Shiva would then flee to the Painted World where the player could invade him via a Black Eye Orb to reobtain the Chaos Blade. Video Demonstration


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