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Long ago, the Shadowmen, a tribe of very tall, pagans barbarians, built the Shrine of Storms on an island to worship storms and death. Though the shrine still remains, all members of the tribe either died out or abandoned the island ages ago. It was the Shadowmen's belief that by appeasing the storm beasts (and their master the mythical Storm King) through a ghastly ritual they would bring forth rain. Shadowmen who died would first be brought before the Adjudicator, the judge, to determine if they would go on to the next phase of the ritual. If the warrior was deemed unworthy, his body would be consumed by the obese creature under the control of a golden crow.

For the next phase of the ritual, the corpse is laid on the Shadowmen's Shrine during a storm to be mourned by the tribe and purified by the rain. Overlooking the exit from the chamber is the body of the Old Hero, a blind warrior from long ago who with the help of his crystal blade survived for years by luck and acute awareness of his surrounding.

The final phase of the ritual is to offer for consumption the purified remains of the "hero of storms" to the Storm King and his storm beasts in the valley just beyond the Shadowmen's Shrine. The valley is dotted with dozens of stone monoliths and is believed to be where the spirits of all the Shadowmen's ancestors dwell.


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