Shadows of Yharnam


The Shadows of Yharnam are humanoid figures cloaked in black robes. There are three types each with different weaponry and attacking patterns. The first wields a long and thin sword, similar to the chikage, the second wields the same kind of sword but also holds a candle and the third wields a mace and manipulates fire in their offhand. The shadows are encountered in separate locations but never far from Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen of Blood. The first shadows hunters will likely encounter are found in the Forbidden Woods, close to the Moonside Lake where Yharnam is first seen. Later, they are again encountered in the Nightmare of Mensis, beneath the moonlit landing at the heights of Mergo’s Loft where Yharnam stands, weeping, and looking up to the sky. Finally, they can be encountered in the Chalice Dungeons of which we know Yharnam is found at the deepest levels.

The Shadows in the Forbidden Woods drop the Blood Rapture rune which states:

This rune resonates with servants of the Queen, carrier of
the Child of Blood, who yearn for their Queen's blood with
little hope of requitement.
For them, they find solace in "Blood Rapture", that serves as
a surrogate for their desires.
- Blood Rapture Rune description

Indicating the shadows are servants of the Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen who carried a Child of Blood long ago. The shadows share several traits with other Pthumerians. Physically they are taller than humans, possessed of that statuesque quality seen in enemies like the Kidnappers, Church Giants and Church Servants. They are also weaker to arcane damage than other types, a trait they share with other Pthumerian enemies. Finally, they manipulate fire, controlling it with their hands and breath (in the case of the candle wielding shadow). The Pthumerians were capable of controlling fire and blood, bending it to their will. This is seen in other Pthumerian or Pthumerian adjacent creatures like; the Pthumerian Elder, who transforms its staff into multiple fire bending shapes, the Beast-Possessed Soul, Loran Clerics and Labyrinth Ritekeepers who all hurl fireballs like the shadows do and the Keepers of the Old Lords, beings who gained eternal life in a ceremony of flame.

The shadow’s proximity to Yharnam gives meaning to their name, they remain as close to her as her own shadow, an inseparable attendant or companion. The Blood Rune again gives us some insight into their purpose. As servants of the Queen, they yearn for her blood, but with little hope of requitement. To try and satiate their desire for their Queen’s blood they find solace and euphoria in the warm blood that rains down on them when they shed it.

The shadows encountered in the Forbidden Woods appear to have resided there for some time, as each of them is infected with parasitic snakes that infest the woods and undergo gruesome mutations. They share a symbiotic link with the vipers, either transforming their arms to use them as whips or summoning gigantic serpents to devour victims.

Sadly, the Shadows appear to be lost souls drawn to their Queen’s presence wherever it can be found. Consumed with unreciprocated desire they spend themselves hunting and feasting on the blood of any who cross their path.


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