Sen's Fortress


Behind the Undead Parish, surrounded by forest and wildlife, the Sen's Fortress was constructed, to serve as a test for those who wish to enter the City of the Gods, Anor Londo.

Filled not only with swinging blades, pressure plates, traps and deadly boulders, Serpent Men and Prowling Demons lurk behind every corner.

After ringing the Bells of Awakening, one of the enslaved Giants open the gates. Two other Giants can be found on the rooftops; one of them loads boulders into a machine that sends them rolling throughout the fortress, while another one throws explosives at whoever trespasses.

In order to finally reach Anor Londo, a tired warrior will need to fight the last guardian of the Fortress, the gatekeeper Iron Golem, that has repelled and slayed countless heroes and was created by the Gods of Anor Londo by fusing the power of a soul with the bones of the dragons, forming a core for this monstrosity made of steel.

Once the Iron Golem is defeated, the gate to Anor Londo will be found blocked, but three Bat Wing demons transport whoever gets this far.

Heroes and warriors from different eras have tried to reach Anor Londo. While some have succeeded, like the knight of Berenike Knight called Black Iron Tarkus or the Sunlight adherent Solaire of Astora, many others have failed, such as a considerable amount of Berenike knights, Balder knights, Balder's King, Knight King Rendal; legendary sorcerers such as Big Hat Logan, who ended trapped in a cage, or royalty knights gone hollow such as Prince Ricard. Others have lost hope, like the Crestfallen Merchant or Siegmeyer of Catarina.

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