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Also known as Selen of the West, she is the sister of Garl Vinland and only appears during Pure White World Tendency or Pure Black World Tendency. She can be found in the second area of the Valley of Defilement just as the player exits the swamp water to cross over into the east half of the swamp using a walkway (by the Giant Depraved One). As soon as the player gets past the large fence which divides the swamp, drop back down into the swamp and look for the camp fire.

Selen wears unpolished gold armor and wields the sword Blind, a Vinland family treasure that uses an illusionary, weightless blade that bypasses shields and armor to directly strike the enemy's flesh.

She is known throughout the land, much like her younger brother Garl Vinland, as a courageous and upstanding knight of the Church. Selen's armor signifies her high rank, and like her brother's dark silver armor, offers great protection from the evils of magic. Like Saint Astraea, Selen and Garl Vinland hail from the Western Highlands.

Selen has come to the valley in order to tell Garl Vinland the last words of their recently deceased father as well as to give him their father's ring of Devout Prayer. A ring of Devout Prayer is a symbol of very high status in the Church, indicating that their father was a very important cleric, possibly a Saint like Urbain. If the player brings her proof that Garl is dead, the Crest of Vinland, she will turn over her father's ring in exchange for the crest.

Selen mentions, "I find something odd about this place. It brims with grime, but at once feels strangely pure." This could be her referencing the effect Maiden Astrea has on the valley.


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