Scirvir, the Wanderer


Scirvir wears chain mail chest armor, leather armor on his hands and feet, wields a short sword, and casts spells and miracles with a talisman of beasts. He can be found by taking the right fork at the start of the second area of Stonefang Tunnel and carefully dropping from ledge to ledge down the shaft in pure white world tendency.

Like many wanderers, Scirvir was probably once a warrior of the Church, evidence of which is his use of the miracle regeneration, and the chain mail he wears. Perhaps he lost his faith when he came upon the Talisman of Beasts, an amulet in the shape of the Old One, which has the power to cast magic and perform miracles; proving that God and the Old One are one in the same. He is an inquisitive man, who has a delight for the strange, and asks the player to search for a legendary blunt sword, forged specifically to kill dragons, in the Dragon Temple in the deepest part of the mine. He wishes to see with his own eyes "The arts of swordsmanship applied in a perfectly useless manner."


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