Satsuki wears shaman's armor and wields either the hilt-less katana or the Makoto if it is handed over to him by the player. He can be found at the very beginning of the level in pure black or white world tendency.

In all but the pure tendencies, Satsuki will lurk atop the first wall with the arched doorway at the start of the level. Upon reaching pure white world tendency he will descend and promise Demon Souls if the player acquires the katana sword Makoto, a weapon he claims belongs to his father. The Makoto is a cursed weapon of folklore which slowly devours the lifeforce of the user and inflicts wounds that will never heal. It is said the Makoto draws warriors to it in the hopes of picking a new master when its old one falls.

Upon handing the weapon over to Satsuki the dialogue he speaks implies that it is not a keepsake of his father, but that he has tricked the player into acquiring the legendary weapon to satisfy his own lust for power. If the player returns to Satsuki wielding the Makoto he curses the arrogance of the player as he believes that he is the only worthy owner of the Makoto. In both cases he will attempt to kill the player, either to test the power of the weapon or to take the Makoto from the player's unworthy hands. In pure black world tendency, he will attack the player with a hiltless weapon, but will take no damage from wielding it.

Satsuki wears Shaman's clothing, garb of the heretical shaman in the Valley of Defilement indicating that the clothing does not originate in the Valley, but from elsewhere. Perhaps heretics (spiritually unclean), and not just those physically deformed were cast into the valley. In which case Satsuki escaped that fate somehow.

Satsuki is a Japanese word which can means "May," "blossom," "moon," or "hope." Makoto is a Japanese word which means "true sincerity."


The Black Phantom is Satsuki's Father



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