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Saint Urbain is a pilgrim of God and a devout believer in Miracles. He puts his faith in his Lord that prayer and worship will rid Boletaria of the Demons. He has many followers, a few of which accompany him in the Nexus. Saint Urbain is adorned in the white robes that a high-ranking priest wears when he goes on a pilgrimage. The only weapon he has is Faith and a Talisman of God. He is able to perform God's Wrath, one of the greatest miracles. The talisman he carries is likely how Urbain "speaks to God", through the talisman itself, which is supposedly a channel through which God works.

Saint Urbain is one of the highest ranking priests in the Church, this is signified by the white robes and Ring of Devout Prayer he wears. He has the ability to cleanse the evil from a Major Demon's soul and perform a new miracle with its power. While lower-level priests engage the Demons directly in battle, Saint Urbain is more of a spiritual leader as he constantly prays for God's protection of the Demon slayers. The Disciple of God describes him as a "true sage" as he has the ability to hear the voice of God through a Talisman of God or Pure Faintstone ore.

Miracles reappeared in Boletaria only after the rise of the Demons and black magic. Urbain believes that this is a sign from God that not only should the Church fight the Demon hordes, but that after the Demons are defeated, all practitioners of magic should be purged from Boletaria. He also believes that the souls which have been touched by Demons are so evil and all that seek them out, like King Allant and Sage Freke, will eventually be taken over by a lust for power.

It is unknown why Saint Urbain and the Acolyte traveled to the Shrine of Storms, but they eventually met the rogue Patches and Urbain found himself at the bottom of the pit below the sorcerer's altar. Urbain was likely lured to the edge by the promise of vast treasure. This may indicate Urbain sought to pillage treasures from the pagan shrine of the Shadowmen in order to fund the Church's campaign against the Demons. The loss of his teacher shattered the Acolyte's courage so he fled back to the Nexus rather than attempt to rescue Urbain. If the player does not rescue Saint Urbain, the Disciple of God will eventually leave for the Shrine of Storms to try and rescue him.

Urbain is greatly disturbed by the howl of the Old One, which echoes up into the Nexus once the five Archdemons are defeated and the seal on the Old One's chamber is broken. He believes it is not a Demon, but that it sounds more like a hungry child. It is possible the howl makes him uneasy because deep down inside he knows that it is the voice of the Old One which has been speaking to him while he has been in Boletaria. It is also revealed through the Talisman of Beasts that the source of miracles in Boletaria is not the Church's conception of "God," but that like soul magic, its power also comes from the Old One. Thus the God they worship, and perhaps have unknowingly worshiped since the establishment of their religion, is the Old One.


The God he worships does not exist.

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