Sage Freke, The Visionary


Sage Freke is adorned in dirt-covered, Venerable Sage's robes, which look similar to Saint's robes, and he wields a catalyst in one hand and a Baby's Nail in the other. He teaches advanced magic by using Demon's Souls. Sometimes his lust for souls is greater than his desire to learn more about the Soul Arts.

Sage Freke is initially found in a cell in the Tower of Latria. After he has been freed from the Tower of Latria, he can be found on the bottom floor of the Nexus to the right of his apprentice.

Sage Freke, the Visionary observed how Demons channeled the Soul Arts in order to cast spells so that humans would be able to mimic that power. With his knowledge of Demon magic he hoped to slay the Demons in Latria but was overpowered by the Old Monk and imprisoned in the dungeons below the Tower of Latria. Once rescued by the player using the key which hangs next to the Liar in the church of the Fool's Idol, he can study the essence of a Major Demon's Soul in order to create a new, powerful spell.

He believes the awakening of the Old One has energized magic far beyond anything that was before possible. He also believes prayer is for the foolish and that the Church's God and the Old One are one in the same, unbeknownst to Saint Urbain and the rest of the Church leadership. His contempt for the Church is likely connected to his time as a high-ranking priest in his younger years. The robes Freke wears show his "origins quite well" as it is a well worn, blackened, slightly modified saint's robe armor set. It is unknown for what reason Sage Freke turned against God and the Church. Since he served the Yormedar royal family he either settled in Latria after leaving the priesthood or is originally from Latria.

Over time, Freke becomes increasingly obsessed with the dark arts. First he envies those humans who have evolved to a "higher state" and become Demons. Then, he momentarily doubts that defeating the Old One, which would end most magic, is the right thing to do. Finally, he beseeches the player to murder the Maiden in Black while she attempts to lull the Old One back to sleep so that the player will gain the Old One's Demon soul. With that Demon soul, the player would gain power beyond imagination and Freke's knowledge "from beyond".

Freke is friends with the magical craftsmen Geri. He is rivals with Saint Urbain and believes the devout priest is worshipping a false God


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