Red-Eyed Knights


Knights with blue eyes or red eyes (red-eyed are stronger than blue-eyed knights) that are in a head-to-toe, full suit of armor. The image of the sun is engraved on their shields, chest plate, and on the face plate of their helmet. They brandish a combination of knight's sword / shield, claymore, kite shield, and / or spear.

Noblemen who in life had sworn allegiance to protect King Allant, as a reward they have been energized by the Demon Souls and are MUCH more powerful then a common solider. The knight's sword and shield are proof of knighthood, a symbol of loyalty to the King, and are forged from the hardest ores of Stonefang Mine. This image of the Sun features prominently on the knights armor indicating it is an important symbol to Allant. Some of the knights carry kite shields (dropped when killed) indicating that before they became Demons, they served as knights of the royal family of Latria.


Title of theory.


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