Rat King Covenant

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Covenant Leader: Rat King

The Rat covenant is dedicated to protecting the sanctity of the Grave of Saints and Doors of Pharros location. The scourge of human trespassers to this location is handled by Rats and honorary Rats (others who have joined the covenant).

Covenant Rewards

  • Crest of the Rat: Ring of the Rat King covenant. Join this covenant and wear this ring to lure trespassers of the Rat King's territory into your world. If you receive this ring, rejoice in the opportunity to demonstrate your allegiance to an eminently noble being.
  • Small Smooth & Silky Stones: A smooth and silky stone. Use to slightly restore HP. The shine of this stone is no ordinary polish, and can only be achieved over a long period. Some in this land are in search of such stones.
  • Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring: An old ring of the Melfian Magic Academy. Depicts a soundly slumbering dragon. Masks the sounds made by its wearer. The precise origins of the Magic Academy are hazy, for over its long history, its faculty has been dissolved and reestablished at least a dozen times.


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