Queen Yormedar


Since the archstone was given to a Queen in the distant past and the Queen of recent times had the authority to banish her husband from the land, it is presumed that Latria is a matriarchal society. For crimes unknown, the Queen of Latria banished her husband, the Old Monk, from Latria. His crimes are described as "depraved" leading to speculation that he was having an affair or already conducting inhuman experiments. He returned to Latria with foul Demons in tow which he used to conquer Latria, murder the Queen, and imprison her family in the dungeon. It is believed that the Queen and those locked in the dungeon are of the Yormedar royal line as many of its treasures are spread throughout Latria.

The Queen was a gifted sorceress and it is likely much of her soul was used in the creation of the Fool's Idol as the puppet has a mastery of many magics. The Fool's Idol is an artificial doll crafted in the Queen's image and controlled by the Old Monk. Its purpose is to deceive the prisoners into thinking the Queen is still alive. The belief that the Queen was alive gave the prisoners hope, quieted any insurrections, and lured prisoners to the church in order to worship the Fool's Idol and seek redemption from her. The act of "redemption" meant being taken above by gargoyles up the tower in the church. Below the Old Monk's tower, the prisoners' souls would be stolen and their flesh twisted in the Old Monk's experiments to create new Demons.


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