Pyromancer Glocken

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Pyromancer Glocken is a teacher in one of the famous Melfian Academies. He taught at the same Academy as Carhillion of the Fold, and was master to Rosabeth of Melfia. He is most famous (or perhaps infamous) for his Quartz Ring Replicas.

He is credited with creating the Dark Quartz Ring, Thunder Quartz Ring, Flame Quartz Ring and Spell Quartz Ring. In there descriptions they note that he created many of these rings, that they have saved many lives and that they have caused the dismay of many of the old-guard faculty from Melfia who believe that these rings undermine lessons gained from harsh training.

Pyromancer Glocken has made a hefty profit from selling his rings. Rosabeth mentions that he disagreed with Carhillion over the point that the Academies are terrible places to learn. It is easy to see why he would disagree; if students were taught to learn outside of the Academies, he would lose profit. Students would actually learn how to defend themselves and therefore have no use for his rings. Glocken is a greedy soul at heart and a profiteer, though in truth, it is to the benefit of those who buy his rings.


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Rosabeth Dialogue
"Master Carhillion and I are from Melfia, to the south. A land lush with sorcery and pyromancy. Master Carhillion polished his art at one of our renowned magic academies. But he argued that the academies were terrible places to learn magic… This quite angered Master Glocken, my previous teacher…"

Quartz Rings
A ring bestowed upon students of a certain standard at the Melfian Magic Academy. Its infused quartz increases dark/magic/fire/lightning defense. Pyromancer Glocken was criticized for crafting these replicas, but it is well known that they have saved the life of many a traveler.


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