Primeval Demon


Giant, grey, tube-shaped mound of flesh with ill-formed wings, a forked tail, and a mouth with four fangs.

These corpulent, maggot-like demons will appear throughout the Archstones, generally in hard to reach or heavily guarded areas, at Pure Black World Tendency. They are near defenseless, although they can hurt the player with their mandibles should one get to close to their mouth. Primeval demons are immobile, and quite easy to defeat. Upon being vanquished, a Primeval Demon may yield a Colorless Demon's Soul, which is used to upgrade unique weapons.

When a section of Boletaria has fallen under enough Demon influence to be pure black tendency, a new Demon is birthed. In its larval stage, the Demon is powerless and will die after only a few strikes. When killed it drops a colorless Demon Soul, it possesses little power because it has not yet been invigorated by absorbing human souls. So much like how the Demons began to feed on pure human souls, the player takes pure Demon Souls from Primeval Demons. These untainted Demon Souls are primarily used by Blacksmith Ed to embolden the natural abilities of unique weapons.


Title of theory.


Colorless Demon's Soul
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