Phalanx Archstone

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The first area the Player will arrive at in the world of Boletaria under normal circumstance. Under the looming towers of the outer wall of the Boletarian Palace, poorly equipped Dreglings roam, backed up by a few still human soldiers and the occasional Blue Eye Knight. The enemies here are fairly weak, but have the numbers to mob the Player, hungry for Souls to feed their Demon masters.

Though far removed from the depths of the Palace, the signs of destruction and corruption are already clear. Dragons roam the skies, devouring any and all creatures they can find. Bodies are hanged from the ramparts, including those of Stockpile Thomas's deceased wife and daughter. A large pit is found opened in the ground to the left of the enormous front gateway, swarming with Souls, yet deadly to touch. Dead animals and broken machinery litter the halls of the once magnificent guard stations. We also can see signs that all was not well even before the Demonic Invasion immediately as we arrive; down some stairs to the left of the Archstone lies the execution grounds of Miralda, in full view of any visitors to the Palace. While devoid of much when we arrive, the numerous crucifixes, breaking wheels, and gallows visible speak a very clear message: fear the wrath of the King.

In this level we first meet one of the most involved characters to our story, Ostrava of Boletaria. He can be found standing above a crowd of angry Dreglings, unsure of how to proceed. Whether the Player approaches from the ground or jumps down to meet him on the platform he hides on, he will greet them with a somewhat arrogant order to clear the way for him, as he cannot fight the enemies off himself. Once this is achieved, he will gift you a Brass Telescope as thanks, and then patrol the area in search of a way forward. It is important to note that if you have not cleared the area first, he will run into trouble here and may be killed, so keep an eye on him if you want to see his quest to the end. Despite his impressive arms, he is not strong enough to defend himself!

The Player can also find the Red Dragon and Blue Dragon here, resting upon a ledge over a trove of treasures. They cannot be killed here, as they will abscond when enough damage is dealt to them, but doing so will open the cliff to be plundered without worry. However, this is a task a new Demon Slayer may find quite difficult!

The boss of this Archstone is the Phalanx, the twisted reflection of the knight Longbow Oolan and her troops, who are now the Hoplite enemies found in this area. When the gates to her arena are first opened, she will toss an immense Scraping Spear through them, which remains impaled in the ground thereafter.


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